Friday, November 15, 2013

Goodbye Hugs and Starting the Holidays

Since August we've settled into a warm and fuzzy school drop off ritual. I drag the stroller out of the truck, pile the kids inside, walk Bub up to school and he squeezes me in the best goodbye hug. He looks too small for his backpack and it swings wildly back and forth when he toddles inside. It's full of library books that he's starting to read himself and homework that I still think is weird for a kindergartner, but he likes it.  His lunchbox misses skimming the sidewalk by a few inches, he runs inside, an unnecessary but adorable trot, and always at least one kid looks his way to smile or say hi. It's just a few slivers of seconds, but that hug before he runs off is one of the best parts of my day.

Then last Friday out of nowhere we maneuvered the stroller through the piles of kids wandering into school, I tell him "Bye, Bubba Bear, have a good---"

and he was gone.

A friend caught his eye or he was suddenly excited about something going on in class that day, but he just took off with that backpack banging side to side and the lunchbox barely missing the ground and he blended into the mesh of masses while I tried to shrug the disappointment off of my face. No big deal, just dropping my kid off at school. It's normal not to hug mom, anyway. He had to outgrow it someday or we'd look pretty weird standing in front of his high school, his backpack more porportional by then and no Monsters University lunchbox gripped in his tiny fist.

But just when I was about to retreat I see his bushy blonde head bob up above the top of the crowd and he weaves his way back to me. "Did I forget to hug you?," then that warm goodbye hug, a wave, a few steps further and he turns to wave again with a crooked smile. One last look over his shoulder before finally getting in school, a sort of pity mom check, making sure he hadn't completely devastated me with his lapse. We shared a huge grin, he disappeared, and I decided it was ok to start dropping him off in the carpool lane instead of walking him up to the door, he was ready.


In other news, this kid is teething:

His first little beige bit of enamel popped through two days ago and I'm already mourning the loss of his gummy grin. I'll miss his big, slobbery, fishy kisses, that are really nothing more than him latching on to my cheek in search of food.

The weather is steadily turning into holiday weather, and I got Teebs to pose for a few Christmas photos, his seriousness in this picture breaks my heart.

And in the spirit of starting holiday celebrations  I've added gift certificates to my list of services, they can be used towards session fees or to purchase prints here.

Happy Friday!

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  1. What a sweet story! Excited to find another mommy blogger in Lincoln!

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After